Boyce Avenue homes Clifton's most creative and beloved independent shops, Papersmiths included.

You might have heard high-street shops are a dying breed but not this lot, with national press coverage, five stores across the South and a legion of loyal stationary fans making up their 45k following on Instagram. Despite being a major success story, they haven't forgotten their roots - Bristol.

Founded in 2013 by Sidonie Warren and Kyle Clarke, Studio B were onto something when they decided to make use of the shop front to their offices on Perry Road and split the room into two. It only took a year to outgrow the space, so they shut up shop and moved into the gorgeous Georgian building on Boyce Avenue that we know and love today.

Walk in and you'll see an explosion of coordinated colour, from Wallpaper travel guides, Moleskine notepads and beautifully illustrated journals. Test out fountain pens with their velvety ink as you doodle on wads of paper - doodling is very encouraged in Papersmiths. Browse through stacks upon stacks of magazines taking up the entire back walls, and be sure to pick out some local talent with mags such as Cereal or Another Escape on display.

6A Boyce's Avenue, Clifton Village, BS8 4AA Bristol